Indian Ink Theatre Company continues to bridge cultures and push boundaries with this immersive work that seats the audience around the dining table and perches them at the kitchen bench in an utterly disarming 75 minutes that magically creates a community and leaves them with their bellies and their souls fed.

The rules of theatre are danced around the floor as the audience becomes the third character in this joyous, life-affirming, party-within-a-play.

Crammed into the back room of a local dairy we are active participants in the rapidly unfolding comic, odd couple drama of the careworn, widowed shopkeeper, Mrs. Krishnan, and her boarder, the well-intentioned but overzealous college student, James.

When James organises a surprise party for his landlady to observe Onam, a South Indian harvest festival, he unwittingly brings everyone in the room face-to-face with its true meaning – a celebration of death and rebirth.

In the spirit of great parties everywhere: laughter abounds, tears are shed, stories are told, wine and secrets are spilled, food is cooked and shared, a mess is made, arguments flare, love is found, faith is restored, wonderful music plays, tables are danced on and strangers become friends. 

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PLEASE NOTE // This show is General Admission, with several different ticket options for your party experience

TOP TABLE // Premium seats at the table, in the very centre of the action
INNER CIRCLE // Excellent seats on the floor, and next closest to the action
WALLFLOWERS // Great seats on risers, and farthest away from the action for those who like a little distance
CHEEKY SEATS // Good seats on the floor, behind the Inner Circle, semi-connected to the action
PARTY ANIMALS // Standing spots between the Cheeky Seats and the Wallflowers

… accessible to anyone who cares to engage; exploring and celebrating traditional culture even while gleefully creating something unique in its own right.

Kalyani Nagarajan delightfully conveys a wholly classic personification of Zina Krishnan.

…the entire experience is hilarious, touching and altogether most rewarding.

                                                          - Nik Smythe, Theatreview