Frank Bridge: 
Shen Nalin: Meng Yuan
Chris Gendall: Dulcet Tones (New commission)
Schubert: Piano Trio No 1 in B flat Major op. 99

Loft 1: Swoop marks the end of an era for NZTrio, being the last public performance(s) of the ‘original crew’ before violinist Justine Cormack’s departure from the group after 15 years together. This concert offers both a rigorous and soothing programme, converging sweeping nostalgia (Frank Bridge) with epic legends of faraway lands (Shen Nalin) and honeyed sonic hues (Chris Gendall), before a magnificent - albeit final - curtain (Franz Schubert).

"… NZTrio, surely this country's most indispensable chamber ensemble." William Dart, NZ Herald (October 2015)

"... a very powerful display of musicianship which left the audience enthralled. Each musician was both individually and collectively amazing." Sarah Van Voornveld, Southland Times (Aug 2016)

"I have never been to a more stimulating concert." Margot Hannigan, Nelson Mail (May 2015)