Chief Executive: James Wilson

Producer: Sarah Graham
Business Development Manager: Debs McSmith
Marketing and Communications Manager: Candice de Villiers
Marketing Coordinator: Gracie-Rose Kay
Development Executive: Catherine George
Commercial Director: Wayne Jackson

Creative New Zealand Pasifika Intern: Sarah Maiava

Head of Visitor Experience: Helen Emler
Ticketing Manager: Matthew Butler
Visitor Experience Manager: Kate Barnes
Visitor Services Manager: Jesse Wikiriwhi 
Lead Chef: Vinay Bhatt
Front of House Supervisors: Geordie Winlove, Nick Crawley, Zak Robinson & Suzette Conradie
Bar Manager: Jade Beckhouse
Cafe Manager: Kathryn Chung
Assistant Bar Manager: Sean O'Kane Connolly
Ticketing and Memberships Coordinator: Asia Sharpe
Citizen Q Kitchen:  Elva Zhang, Matt Omeara-Pesce, Rajesh Rawat & Vardhan Bhatt
Box Office: Anna Langford, Asia Sharpe, Joni Nelson, Luke Wilson, Noah Stein, Sara Stone, & Zak Robinson
Visitor Services Assistants: Alice Pearce, Alejandro Gomez, Alice Kirker, Ana Renker-Darby, Aimee Olivia, Caitlin Watters, Cally Castell, Caoimhe Fidgeon, Cooper Stewart, Faith Tapsell, George Maunsell, Gracie-Rose Kay, Jack Hurst, Jacob Dale, Jaya Beach-Robertson, Joanna Neumegen, Joe Sclaadt, Joni Nelson, Josh Metcalfe, Kyle Wienk, Lauren McLay, Lucas Ribiero, Lucy Caccioppoli, Luke Wilson, Mainard Larkin, Matt Holt, Molly Fausett, Nikita Gardiner, Seamus Ford, Serene Lorimer, Sharnia Dean, Stephanie Leech, Timmie Cameron, Tom Gallagher, Torum Heng.

Facilities and Technical Manager:
Antonia Richardson
Production Coordinator: Alana Kelly
Venue/Duty Technicians: Khalid Parker, Matthew Martin, Patrick Minto, Ruby van Dorp & Sami Vance
Senior Technicians: Abby Clearwater, Brad Gledhill, Jamie Blackburn, Kyle Pharo, Rachel Marlow & Thomas Press
Technical Crew: Amber Molloy, Andy Tsang, Ben Davison-Adams, Crystal Myers, Gabriel Ford, Georgia Taylor, Jonathan Dunlop, Jordan Keyzer, Marshall Bull, Patrick Hill, Pete Davsion, Roydon Christensen, Ruby Reihanna-Wilson, Sam Clavis & Sam Mence

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So you’re coming to Q. You’ve even picked a show and bought your tickets. You’ll need to know how to get here. But that’s just the beginning. Arrive early and head to the cafe, you can have dinner or just a snack. You’re only missing one thing - a drink. It’s lucky we’ve got a great bar then... more

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  • This February our Q Heroes kicked off a year of adventurous theatre-going with an exclusive summer brunch, shared with Q staff and board, and a range of artists taking part in the Auckland Pride and Auckland Fringe Festival.

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