A fast-paced, energetic devised theatre piece, created by Unitec’s 3rd year students and Pedro Ilgenfritz as their graduation project. A whirlwind of a show that will leave you breathless.

Sebastian is fed up with his life, his job, and relationships.

His indecision leads to him visiting a psychic, who reveals to him a story of New Zealand set in the year 2063. New Zealand is a nation transformed. The sea levels have risen forcing a mass migration of refugees, who find asylum in the regions south of Auckland.  As the refugees begin to build a strong society and elect leaders, a political crisis arises, as the refugee’s desire a peaceful cultural diversity, whilst the ‘The City’ seeks control.

Sebastian’s granddaughter Lou is a pivotal figure in this story. In her lies the answer for Sebastian’s struggles and the future of the
entire country.

Crossing through multiple genres – this piece has been described by watchers as a comedic telling of a political mystery thriller.

Take the opportunity to travel to another world in this original work, and support New Zealand's freshest talent on stage at Q.

PLEASE NOTE: This show contains mild use of strobe lighting. No late comers-will be admitted during the first half of the show.

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