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COVID-19 Protection Framework at Q - FAQs


What is a ‘My Vaccine Pass’?

Events and venues can opt to become a Place with Vaccination Certificate Requirements. Entry to these events or venues require presentation of a My Vaccine Pass. Our understanding is that the ‘My Vaccine Pass’ allows businesses to scan an individual’s pass to allow them entry into a venue with reduced controls in place, for example, larger capacities. These passes simply give an indication of the validity of the pass and therefore the ability for each individual to enter, without the business retaining any personal vaccination information.

What about medical exemptions?

At this time the indications from Government are that those people who have an official exemption is expected to be a small number. It is our understanding that their exemption will be integrated with their ‘My Vaccine Pass’ and therefore will scan as ‘valid’ without us being aware that they are exempt. We expect this will be further clarified by Government later this month.

Who is required to be vaccinated to enter the building?

Everyone. Any person who enters the venue (any part of the building including the bathrooms) are required to be vaccinated or present a valid My Vaccine Pass. This includes hirers, hirers’ staff and performers, maintenance workers, contractors, audiences, and members of the public. We are unsure if there will be any access to our building outside of when shows are on, but it will be something we monitor as we move out of lockdown, and when we better understand if that is required or appropriate going forward.

How will we monitor this for members of the public?

Our intention is to scan each individual’s ‘My Vaccine Pass’ available now from My COVID Record (Ministry of Health). We are currently unsure of how long it will take for the scanning technology to be rolled out, however, we expect it is unlikely that we will have any large scale events open to the public before this is widely available. It is also our intention that there will be training, additional staff and security on-site to support this process.

Will there continue to be other controls in place such as distancing and mask-wearing?

Yes. However, the specifics of this will depend on the guidelines of each ‘traffic light’ we are operating under in the COVID-19 Protection Framework. We will be carefully monitoring Ministry of Health advice and implementing any restrictions deemed necessary to keep our staff and the wider public safe. We may, for example, continue to use other measures that were in place during Alert Level 2 such as only using electronic tickets or continuing to be a cashless bar.

Can I bring someone who is 12 years or younger (and therefore unvaccinated) to a show?

Yes, as long as they are considered acceptable risk status. As per the Government guidelines, children under the age of 12 years and 3 months do not need to provide a My Vaccine Pass to enter places with a vaccination requirement. However, in order to reduce any potential risks, we will ask anyone who fits this description whether that person:

  • Is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Has been at a location of interest within the previous 14 days (to their knowledge)
  • Have been in contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 (to their knowledge)
  • Is currently awaiting a COVID-19 test result

Together, these are the risk factors and if a person confirms none of the risk factors apply, they are considered to be of acceptable risk status and will be able to enter the building.

What does Q look like under the different levels of the COVID-19 Protection Framework?

See below the different levels based on the information available to us from the Ministry of Health as of November 23 2021

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