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Tēnā koutou katoa,

Q has been the venue for many an Ōkāreka work, and so it is wonderful to be home.

The Company is now based on the shores of Lake Ōkāreka, Rotorua, but returns to Auckland for the rehearsal process.

I am honoured to have 4 of my original cast members working with me in the rehearsal space, with 3 of them returning to the stage. These wahine have grown and matured, not only within their own dance careers, but also as women, and so it is wonderful to see them add that maturity to the work.

Influenced by my Te Arawa ancestresses, MANA WAHINE is a spiritual work; a work that I feel will help people to heal, especially at a time when the entire world is hurting. So I know within my heart that the audience will again be moved - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Even though the international performing borders are closed, the international market is knocking at MANA WAHINE’s door with interest. The production was scheduled to perform at the White Bird Festival in Portland, OREGON, in November 2020, but when covid happened this invitation has been pushed out to Nov. 2021. But who knows what the climate will be like in 10 months time. 

So we are taking this opportunity to get the work back up, to have an Auckland season, film the work for current footage, and eventually release this footage on a pay-for-view site for the rest of NZ to see, as well as the international market.

When Taane Mete and I started Ōkāreka, the aim was to produce works that had a long shelf life. MANA WAHINE has been one of these works.

May She continue to live to have Kuia status.

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Okareka Rehearsal 8


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