Dracula. The Babadook. Slenderman. Are they monsters? Aiken doesn't think so. He thinks they're just misunderstood. As he too is incredibly tall, pale, and has no social skills.

The life of a tall wallflower is awkward, complicated, and oddly comical. Especially as a Kiwi. As that makes him a literal tall poppy, and that just makes everything worse.

Come hear all the things Aiken wants to say in conversation, but is too nervous and high up to do so.

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COMEDY COMBO // Click here to see Aiken Hutcheson’s Tallflower,  Bridget Davies’ Diary ad Inosi Colavanua’s Guard Down for less than the price of the first two.

His style – a mix of storytelling, off beat observations, and punchy one-liners compares favourably to the likes of Russell Howard – The Speakeasy 

Restricted to ages 18+, contains occassional language, adult themes

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