This Air is a Material

Ann Shelton left her small home town of Timaru in the 80’s on a mission. Her sense of social justice coupled with an interest in human narratives saw her working as one of NZ’s first female press photographers at the Dominion in Wellington. From there Ann moved to the infamous Karangahape Rd in Auckland, and attended Elam School of Fine Arts in the 90’s.
Her seminal project Redeye captured the zeitgeist of that time, and catapulted her to public notoriety. Over the next 25 years Ann has made many rich and complex bodies of work that unearth local mythologies, 'ghosted' stories and characters previously written out of history. Ann’s photographs and artist books form a significant contribution to the history of contemporary photographic practice in Aotearoa/New Zealand

In the film artists, writers and curators speak with passion and insight about Ann’s work and its historical and contemporary contexts. Ann herself provides much of the guiding narration. Nunes’s cinematography sensitively explores the visual themes and motifs of Ann’s work, tracing its origins in the history and landscapes of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

New Zealand | 2016 | English | Becky Nunes

World Premiere

Meet Peter

Meet Peter. Peter has dedicated fifty years of his life documenting over two hundred lava caves underneath Auckland. As Peter drags himself through these dark, damp and enclosed spaces beneath our feet, he talks about the unique history these caves sprawled beneath the city offers and the likelihood, they will soon be the casualties of inevitable urban growth.

New Zealand | 2016 | English | Gemma Duncan

World Premiere 

Please note: There will be a post-film Q&A


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