Death is coming for us all. Ashton Brown wants to run away from it but he's terribly out of shape so he's going to do what he always does in these situations: Laugh at himself.

A hilariously dark solo show, Dying to Meet You follows up on Ashton's sold-out, critically praised 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival show Anxious to Meet You. See real stories being brought to life through his unique mix of character sketch, storytelling, stand up and... interpretive dance?

Directed by Ben Moore

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Bold, brilliant, and inventive mix of stand-up and performance art. – The Speakeasy

Swinging between the profane the profound, [Ashton Brown] is very, very funny. - Theatrescenes

Brown's stand-up is endearing and inviting, and his tightly-written set-ups are always met by a punchline that delivers big on laughs. - The Speakeasy

Restricted to ages 16+, contains occasional language

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