Date: Friday 26 February, 7.30pm
Saturaday 27 February, 7.30pm

Duration: 140 Minutes

Price: $22 - $30 (services fees apply)

"I've started losing all sense of who I am. I check into hotel rooms and I can't remember my name. I stand there at reception. It feels like hours. Other people remember. They tell me. They know who I am."

After 15 months on the road, playing to thousands of adoring fans; drinking, snorting, and f**king everything in sight, coming home doesn't sound as appealing as it once did. 

A searing indictment of celebrity culture, this NZ premiere is British drama at its finest. 


"It's the most hectoring play I've written, in a lot of ways. It's a play about what happens to the human being when we're defined by what we spend." Simon Stephens, The Quietus

"It is universally acknowledged that absolute power has the ability to corrupt absolutely, but in Simon Stephens’ new play Birdland, its absolute fame, seemingly limitless cash, and a life lived so disconnected from reality that turns rock star Paul into an amoral monster." -GlasgowTheatreBlog

“Dickson’s direction is as delicate and precise as a surgeon’s blade, mining the text for and capturing every inch of the devastating consequences and catharsis of hedonism, self-destruction, and love.” – Up Your Arts


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Written by Simon Stephens 
Directed by Jordan Dickson 
Produced by Jonathan James & Fiona Armstrong (GOYA Productions)
Designed by George Wallace & Jordan Dickson
Starring Cherie Moore, Jonathan James, Jessie Lawrence, Jacob Dale, Mel Odedra, Fiona Armstrong, Michael Hurst


This show is a part of the 2021 Summer at Q Festival. Thanks to the support of the University of Auckland and Q Theatre, Summer at Q has packaged rates that make our venues more accessible and simpler to budget for.

Birdland would also like to acknowledge the support of The Actors Program and Cipher Sound & Lighting