Due to the recent announcement by the Ministry of Health that all public gatherings must be limited to 100 or less, all future performances of Black Lover are cancelled. this is effective as at 3:30 19 March 2020. 

“We must make it possible for every individual to lead the good life, to win a place in the sun. We are in danger of becoming a race of fear-ridden neurotics – we who live in the finest country on Earth.”

Ex-pat New Zealander Sir Garfield Todd said these words in his final speech as Prime Minister of Rhodesia in 1958. Ousted from politics for being a “black lover”, Todd’s ongoing fight for racial equality and opposition to white minority rule led to his house arrest in 1965, the starting point for Makuwe’s story.

Confined to his home, with the civil war raging close by and separated from his wife and children who have fled abroad, Todd and his family’s servant, Steady, confront the uncertainties of their precarious lives.

Zimbabwean Stanley Makuwe migrated to New Zealand in 2002. An award-winning playwright, Makuwe combines writing with a career in psychiatry. Black Lover brings to life a great New Zealander and explores how two men stand with courage against terror in a nation experiencing deep racial divides.

Black Lover was proudly developed with the support of Auckland Theatre Company. 

Please note: This show contains loud sound effects.

Presented by Auckland Theatre Company in association with Auckland Arts Festival.

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