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How dirty do you have to get to look clean?

It's election night and a fledgling new party, led by the charismatic and idealistic Aria, has captured an unlikely seat in the new parliament.

As deals are made that pit the reality of government against the high rhetoric of the campaign, a crisis looms that could destroy the party’s future and Aria must decide what or who she is willing to sacrifice for her ambitions.

Burn Her is a new political drama by Sam Brooks, one of New Zealand's most exciting young contemporary playwrights. Already known for his searing wit and incisive commentary on modern New Zealand, Burn Her marks a major leap forward in the scope of Brooks' writing, out of the living room and into the cut and thrust of modern politics.

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Our newly released second episode has writer Sam Brooks and actress Miriama McDowell from Burn Her about Sam's oddly prophetic script and why this script is so good it had Miriama come out of maternity leave to be involved. 

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Part of Silo Theatre's 2017 Working Titles 

Shortlisted for the 2017 Adam NZ Play Award