Cal’s been at this whole life thing for a while now, but she still hasn’t quite nailed it. How can you reach your potential when someone left it on the top shelf?

Cal’s not sure if she has imposter syndrome or if she’s just faking it. Everyone else seems to have got it together but she’s still not sure she has all the pieces.

Why don’t people pull over for ambulances? Has she done enough with her life? Does anyone eat Brussel sprouts by choice? Cal has questions about everything, which makes her annoying to watch a movie with. 

As seen on her Netflix special 'Things I’ve Thought Out Loud'. 

“Consummate performer with machine-gun delivery.” ★★★★ Herald Sun

"From the moment Cal appears on stage, she has us in the palm of her hand.” ★★★★★The Advertiser, 2019

Please note: This performance contains occasional coarse language

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