Shakespeare has power. Miss Lucy knows it. The themes in his work speak to her. Ambition. Jealousy. Deception. Disorder. She believes in the Bard’s stories, because they’ve helped her understand her own and she thinks they’ll help others find their way too.

Funny and insightful Cellfish takes us behind the walls of a New Zealand Correctional Facility and the men who reside there. Some are looking to improve their parole chances, others want to kill some time and one just wants to kill.

Directed by Silo Associate Artist Jason Te Kare, Cellfish is a deliciously dark comedy that looks at what happens when you disturb the natural order of things.

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CONTENT WARNING // This production contains the depiction of domestic violence and abuse and uses haze.

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…An extraordinary achievement … Hilarious, upsetting and profoundly on point with what it has to say about the inter-generational cycle of violence. 
The Spinoff