Bullet Heart Club, the creative team behind the award-winning hit Daffodils are back with a chilling story about two lonely souls, self-fulfillment and deliberate destruction.

It’s 2am and Oliver is still at the office. His next move, depends on Jack.

Jack left work without notice in search of Anja - a woman behind the 152 emails sitting in Jack’s inbox. Auckland. Paris. Amsterdam. Zagreb. The echo of Anja’s voice drives Jack’s search.

When Oliver is granted online access to Jack’s innermost thoughts, the fragile balance between observer and participant is broken, leading Oliver to commit an irreversible crime.

Starring Todd Emerson (Westside, Daffodils) and set to Abraham Kunin’s sonic-avalanche of a score, Jack Hartnett is an electronic, alt-theatre experience bound to take you captive.

“Bullet Heart Club - the most exciting new company to arrive in Auckland.” (Metro, 2014)

Adult themes, violence & loud music. Recommended ages 16+

A full lockout applies for this show - NO LATECOMERS WILL BE ADMITTED.
No photography, no cellphones, no toilet breaks.
For 70mins of uninterrupted #JackHartnett