If you're looking for a great theatre show that's full of glamour and nostalgia for 1940's style Hollywood this is it! Drowning in Veronica Lake is a one woman show that captures the mood and sultry je ne sais quoi of the sassy screen siren Veronica Lake. The show comes with rave reviews from previous performances at arts festivals nationally and internationally. Plus particular plaudits for the gorgeous dress actress Alex Ellis wears. The unique costume extends out across the stage, filling the entire set.

'Alex Ellis’ stunning portrayal of the luscious but tragic Veronica Lake is brilliantly conceived and stylishly executed as we see her star blaze early and fade ferociously'
-Adelaide Now

In 1940’s Hollywood, Veronica Lake set the standard for self-destructive celebrities. Smart, sexy, and typecast early in her career as the ice-cool femme fatale, she was thrust into the limelight at an early age. Naïve and unprepared she left in her wake a polarised industry who either loved or loathed her.

She took tea with Eleanor Roosevelt, piloted her own plane from coast to coast, was famously sued by her own mother and bankrupted by the IRS before a rapid descent into scandal, alcoholism and a premature and lonely death.

Now, 40 years later, trapped somewhere between Paramount and purgatory she wrestles with stardom, booze, men, and her spectacular decline into obscurity.

Presented in partnership with Q Theatre as part of the 2012 season of Q Presents.