Trapped in a life built on dust and shifting sands a young woman burns her world to the ground in a daring bid for freedom.  Inspired by the limitless literary imaginings of the world of magic realism, the award-winning Red Leap Theatre return to their hand-made beginnings with an intimate yet epic tale of one woman’s fight for freedom in a world where dreams and premonitions are as real as the wind. 

Featuring Alison Bruce, Ella Becroft and Tom Eason, Dust Pilgrim brings together an exciting new team of collaborators including the award winning Thomas Press creating sound.

" to stir the soul and make the spirit fly" - NZ Listener

Join the cast and creative directors for a special post-show public forum following the 6pm performance on Sunday 7th June.  Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to the makers directly and learn more about the world behind Dust Pilgrim.