The lights are low. The gin is in great supply. The band is playing your favourites. In the smoky depths of a 50's London gay bar, the tipsy regulars loosen their dinner jackets to ask - who the f*ck is Ernest? Under the beady eye of top-bitch, Lady Bracknell, two dandy fops squabble over the love of two dreamy sweethearts, and the name ‘Ernest’ seems to matter an awful lot...
Brimming with vivacious wit, a bit of bravado and some downright silliness, Earnest is an audacious reimagining that blasts the cobwebs off Oscar Wilde's saucy play. 

Bringing the beloved text to life is a sprightly all-male cast, a sexy live band, and the greatest hits of Cher (yes, Cher!). It's the perfect marriage of classic tunes like Turn Back Time and The Shoop Shoop Song, and Wilde's devilish one-liners. 

Fractious Tash (Confessions, Titus) and Last Tapes Theatre Company (The Last Five Years, Verbatim) have joined forces to bring you a show like no other, taking everything you thought you knew about Oscar's play and catapaulting it skyward!

Rebooted and revamped, this is Oscar's quintessential comedy as you've never seen it before!

"To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose both looks like carelessness!" 

Presented in collaboration with Q Theatre
Supported by Hendricks Gin & Wallace Arts Trust