“The Effect is an astonishingly rich and rewarding play, as intelligent as it is deeply felt.”  (The Telegraph) 

Lucy Prebble's shatteringly intelligent play won the Critics' Circle Best Play Award in London before transferring to Broadway.

Revel-makers Fractious Tash grow up to bring you the exclusive New Zealand premiere, celebrating this astounding play from "one of the UK's hottest new playwrights" (The Telegraph) with their off-kilter vision and unstoppable cast.

Connie sees Tristan. Tristan sees Connie. Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Thoughts race. Pupils dilate. Palms sweat. Balance reels. Lips burn. Is this the side-effect of only one thing...

...Their dangerous, electrifying, first-sight love...

...Or the explosive, experimental drug surging its way through them?

Severed from the world as test subjects for a revolutionary new drug, it is Connie and Tristan's chemistry that comes under the microscope - their laser-like connection cannot be denied, but what's causing it? Is it ethical? Is it real and can it ever last?

“It tickles our cerebellums in the first half, before tugging expertly on whatever chunk of grey goo is responsible for emotions in the second” (Time Out)

“A four-hander that hop-scotches confidently across themes of neurology, neuropharmacology, depression, love and guilt.” (The Sunday Times)

The Effect is presented as part of MATCHBOX, the Q Theatre creative development programme.

Q Theatre is an independently owned and operated performing arts venue committed to the sustainability and success of arts and culture. Every year Q co-presents a season of works through its creative development programme, MATCHBOX (formerly known as ‘Q Presents’). MATCHBOX enables the best emerging and professional New Zealand performing artists to bring their ideas to life on stage. Through a three-step selection process Q curates a MATCHBOX Season that pushes boundaries, showcases Q’s transformative venue, and delivers unique experiences for audiences.

Please note:

Show contains strobe effect