If you think the world is crazy now you should see it in 50 years time. Take a look into our cracked crystal ball where India is the most powerful nation on earth.

When Leela Devi leaves her tribal home to see the world, she doesn’t expect her father’s elephant to follow her. As she battles corrupt officials, hungry poachers, fanatical leaders and supreme beings, an unlikely love story unfolds and a quiet revolution ferments.

Enjoy all the theatrical magic, mischievous wit and inspired lunacy you’ve come to expect along with some mammoth surprises.

Don’t miss this comic adventure born out of true events.

“Indian Ink make theatrical magic look easy” (Taranaki Daily News)

Please note: This show contains occasional swear words.

There are matinees on Sunday 19 June and Sunday 26 June at 2.00pm.

Special ticket packages available for these matinees are:

Family Premium Package (2 adults, 2 children) - A Reserve Tickets: $180 ($45 per extra, maximum of 6)

Family Saver Package (2 adults, 2 children) - B Reserve Tickets: $160 ($40 per extra, maximum of 6)

Super Gold Plus: Take a further $5 off all reserves

About Indian Ink
The extraordinary partnership of Justin Lewis and Jacob Rajan has grown into one of New Zealand’s most enduring and successful touring theatre companies. Seasons regularly sell out throughout NZ as well as in Australia, Singapore, India, Germany, the U.K and the U.S.A.

Indian Ink make theatre that is beautiful, funny, sad and true. They want the experience to leave an indelible imprint on your hearts. That’s why they’re called Indian Ink!

Indian Ink encourages the development of theatre arts in New Zealand with a particular emphasis on theatre that promotes an understanding of other cultures, theatrical forms and traditions. To help us help the arts, you can make a donation to Indian Ink directly from your pre-tax pay. To find out more visit http://indianink.co.nz/payroll_giving.php OR simply request a Payroll Giving form by emailing them on info@indianink.co.nz. Fill out the form and hand it to your employer! It's as easy as that!