2018 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo

2018 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo

This April and May-o, the 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival with their mates at Best Foods Mayo fills Q Theatre with one of the biggest comedy line-ups of its 26-year-old history!

Fill your boots with a smorgasbord of local and international leading and rising talent, this is one Comedy Fest season not to be missed. From Sarah Callaghan, David O’Doherty, Wilson Dixon, The Umbilical Brothers, The Big Show to powerhouse pop duo Two Hearts and The Fan Brigade, there’s something for every comedic palate in 2018’s line-up. 

Check out a few of the great shows coming to Q this Festival year, with the full Comedy Festival line-up being announced on 28 February.

Join us at Billy T Jams 2018 in Rangatira on Friday 2 March to celebrate the launch of the Festival with the super talented Billy T Award nominees giving us a taster of what’s to come.

Visit the NZ International Comedy Festival website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or check them out on YouTube for more info and the full line-up of shows on offer at this year’s Comedy Fest.

7 Days "NZ V. The World" Special

Be in the audience for the Three’s 7 Days highlight of the year – the New Zealand vs. The World Special, recorded live at Q Theatre for the NZ International Comedy Festival.

Apr 25 2018

Aiken Hutcheson // Tallflower

Dracula. The Babadook. Slenderman. Are they monsters? Aiken doesn't think so. He thinks they're just misunderstood. As he too is incredibly tall, pale, and has no social skills.

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Alex Williamson // So Wrong, It’s Wrong

Someone say drugs, pedos and terrorists? Probably not. These are just some of the topical/fun themes touched upon in this one hour honesty session

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Alexis Dubus Verses The World

Lyrical tales from the road mixed with iffy wordplay and first-rate bullsh*t.

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Ashton Brown is... Dying to Meet You

Death is coming for us all. Ashton Brown wants to run away from it but he's terribly out of shape so he's going to do what he always does in these situations: Laugh at himself.

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Bridget Davies // Bridget Davies’ Diary

Can you pass up the chance to read someone's diary? You can't resist can you?

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Dane Baptiste // G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs)

Original, provocative and exceptionally prolific, Dane Baptiste comes to New Zealand for the first time with a show about our worldwide pursuit of wealth, power and pleasure.

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Guy Montgomery Doesn’t Check His Phone For an Hour

For an entire hour, Guy Montgomery will do the unthinkable as he resists the overwhelming urge to check his phone for any possible notifications, emails or text messages.

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Inosi Colavanua // Guard Down

NZ's greatest ever Fijian comedian (don't fact check this), Inosi Colavanua is here with his first solo hour show Guard Down

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Larry Dean // Fandan

Amused Moose Comedy Award winner and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2015, Larry Dean makes his Auckland début

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Molly Sokhom  & Neil Thornton // Hangry Americans: Extra Spicy

Hungry + Angry = Hangry. American expat comedians Molly Sokhom and Neil Thornton bring you a night of no-fries-left-behind comedy. 

Apr 27 to Apr 28 2018

Wilson Dixon // What a Country!

America is like an enormous armed toddler at an all-you-can eat dessert buffet, simultaneously eating and throwing pudding around the room. Who’s going to tell him to stop?

Apr 27 to May 5 2018

Tessa Waters // How to Be a Rockstar

Kids, it’s time to pull on your best rock ‘n’ roll outfit and get ready to release your inner rock legend with air guitar, dancing and hit song lyrics!

Apr 28 2018

David O’Doherty // You Have To Laugh

Unhook your mindbras, David O'Doherty is coming back to New Zealand with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on a crappy keyboard from 1986.

Apr 29 2018

James Veitch // Dot Con

Suspicious emails, unclaimed bonds, Nigerian princes; standard procedure is to delete on sight. What if you replied?

Apr 29 2018

Andy Zaltzman // Right Questions, Wrong Answers

Host of hit podcast The Bugle returns to Auckland to (a) ask, (b) confront, (c) evade and (d) incorrectly respond to, the biggest questions facing our very naughty planet.

May 1 to May 2 2018

Angella Dravid // Barceloner

Billy T Award 2017 winner Angella Dravid is back with a work in progress show.

May 1 to May 5 2018

James Mustapic // Mildly Wild

Exploring the inner mind of an anxious introvert, James Mustapic (Shorty Street Scandal, Repressed Memories) is looking for the wild and dangerous side hidden deep in his personality.

May 1 to May 5 2018

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

Marcel Lucont brings back his 2016 show for one night only, serving up a unique Whine List from his audience's woes.

May 1 2018

Nick Cody // Loose Unit

Your old mate Cody is back in town with his luscious ginger beard and another new hour of world class stand-up.

May 1 to May 5 2018

Rhys Nicholson // Seminal

Please come to my show.

May 1 to May 5 2018

Savanna Calton // Resting B*tch face

Resting B*tch Face is a classic taste of sarcastic NZ humour written and performed by the delightfully bogan Savanna Calton.

May 1 to May 5 2018

Ben MacGougan was brought up watching any rubbish that was on TV, from obscure Baywatch inspired Xena ripoffs to half-baked Mel Gibson rom-coms , and he isn't even a little bit ashamed  about  it.

May 2 to May 5 2018

David Correos // The Correos Effect

Billy T Award winner David Correos has developed a reputation for delivering a maelstrom of comedy that has seen him get five star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe.

May 2 to May 5 2018

Marcel Lucont Etc. // A Chat Show

France's multi-award-deserving flâneur interviews different guests every night in his own unique style.

May 2 to May 5 2018

The Big Show 2018

Four world-class comedians packed in to one Big two hour show. For 13 years some of our biggest Festival comedians have made their NZ debut in The Big Show.

May 2 to May 12 2018

Stand Up For Kids

Stand Up For Kids is a family-friendly, interactive show aimed at 4-8 year olds, but suitable for kids slightly older and younger.

May 5 to May 19 2018

Ivan Aristeguieta // Lost in Pronunciation

Direct from Venezuela by way of Australia, Ivan Aristeguieta is one happy immigrant and he’s squeezing all the privileges the first world can give him.

May 8 to May 12 2018

James Roque // Legal Alien

The Filipino step-son of New Zealand comedy returns with a brand new show about what it means to be a brown immigrant in 2018.

May 8 to May 12 2018

Lana Walters // Faking It

Comedy Fest's Best Newcomer nominee in 2017, Lana returns with an hour of her bubbly, shockingly personal brand of comedy.

May 8 to May 12 2018

Lucy Roche & Ray O’Leary // Young Dumb & Full of Comedy

Young, Dumb & Full of Comedy, Ray O'Leary (2017 Billy T Award Nominee) and Lucy Roche (Raw Comedy Quest, Winner, 2016) are back from last year's sold-out shows to witness the collapse of society and themselves.

May 8 to May 12 2018

Nick Rado // Nailed It

Nailed It: Achieving something difficult with relative ease; or in Nick’s case, a sarcastic critique of his success as a husband, Dad and making a vegan Moana cake from a photo.

May 8 to May 12 2018

Rhys Mathewson // The Clumsy Tango

Hello. This is Rhys, the stand-up comedian.

This blurb is supposed to be about the show but that’s just me moving and talking for an hour.

May 8 to May 12 2018

Corbett, Ego, Henwood (& a bit of Hurley) // 3's Company

Local legends of stand-up return to the festival for just 3 nights only. Jeremy CorbettPaul Ego and Dai Henwood split the bill in the mighty Rangatira with a blistering hour of their latest ramblings.

May 9 to May 12 2018

Frickin Dangerous Bro // Humble

The Bro's are back!

May 9 to May 12 2018

Jack  Ansett & Harry Thompson Cook // Straight Outta '98

Imagine two blossoming, almost entirely unattractive, young men. Now imagine these young men share something very special... NO it's not romantic feelings! SHUT UP!

May 9 to May 12 2018

Sarah Callaghan // The Ballad of Sarah Callaghan

Award-winning comedian Sarah Callaghan, fresh from two hugely successful tours of Australia, debuts her new show for 2018 at the NZ International Comedy Festival.

May 9 to May 12 2018

Inner Dialogue // Hosted by Mike King

In a powerful and touchingly  humourous  event, join us as we explore our inner dialogue to help make sense of the things we think and feel and how these can have funny and unexpected consequences.

May 10 2018

The Good Guys // The Goodest Show in Town

Good cause. Great night.

May 13 2018

James Malcolm // Fameless

All James Malcolm wants in life is to become a C-List NZ celebrity and receive the adoration he's always felt he deserves...

May 15 to May 19 2018

Laura Daniel X Joseph Moore // Two Hearts: Restart the Hearts

The biggest powerhouse-pop-duo of the NZ comedy scene are back!

May 15 to May 19 2018

Pax Assadi // Brown Famous

A lot has changed since Pax’s last Comedy show in 2016. He’s a little bit older, a little bit wiser and also a little bit famous, but only in neighbourhoods where brown people live.

May 15 to May 19 2018

Ray Shipley // He & She

Ray Shipley (Highly Commended, 2017 RAW Comedy QuestBreakout PerformerChristchurch Comedy Awards 2017) has long been overwhelmed by what to say at parties, choices in the toothbrush aisle, gender identity, death. You know, the small stuff.

May 15 to May 19 2018

Rose Matafeo // Horndog

Rose has kissed nearly 10 men in her life. So I guess you could say, this girl's a horndog. Join Rose for another classic hour of stand-up and sketch.

May 15 2018

The Fan Brigade // Feminazi Bitches

Even before strangers online started telling them to fuck themselves to death, their lives were filled with mystery.

May 15 to May 19 2018

The Umbilical Brothers // Not Suitable For Children

Join Dane and Shaved in a brain-melting journey to the most terrifying vista the human mind has ever encountered: the world of children’s television.

May 15 to May 19 2018

Tony Lyall // Just Kidding

Kids. We all have one, know someone who has one, have seen one in the wild or have been one at some point. After having one of his own, Tony's here to tell you all about how it changed his life for the funnier. 

May 15 to May 19 2018

Brendon Green // My Mates Dave

Everybody has at least one friend called Dave in their life. Brendon Green has 17 of them. That's too many Daves.

May 16 to May 19 2018

Kolopa Simei -Barton// Memoirs of a Statistic

What’s so funny about statistics? Nothing. Unless you are one!

May 16 to May 18 2018

Marika Jackson & Lauren Mabbett // Daily DIlemmas

Marika and Lauren reflect on daily social faux-pas that make their lives (what they consider) difficult.

May 16 to May 19 2018

Raw Comedy Quest 2018

No! You haven't seen them all because this lot are brand new comedians and they think they have what it takes to win!

May 17 2018

Sieni Leo’o Olo (Bubbah) // The Family Disappointment

Not a lawyer yet? Or a doctor? Don’t own your dream house yet? Let alone afford board? Are you the ugly friend? Me too.

May 17 to May 19 2018

Guy Williams // I Wanna Hear What I Have to Say!

This year I want to do a political show (here's the catch) that doesn't suck.

May 18 to May 19 2018

Class Comedians Showcase

Catch this year’s line-up of talented graduates from the NZ Comedy Trust’s Class Comedians programme as they unleash their skills crafted by some of New Zealand’s leading comedians.

May 19 2018

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