2019 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo

This May, the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo will fill venues across Auckland and Wellington with one of the most diverse and exciting comedy line-ups yet and the line up at Q Theatre is something special! 

A plethora of local and international comedic delights await, with returning favourites and brand new talent ready to tempt your comedic taste-buds. You’re guaranteed to find your kind of funny here!

Check out our listings of the great shows coming to Comedy Fest this season, all happening from 2 – 26 May.

Phill Jupitus // Sassy Knack

Get ready for an hour of tales, laughs and diversions. Watch in delight and/or horror as this experienced funny man drags laughs out of the chaos of his own life. 

Apr 30 2019

Alice, Rachel & Becky // The Minimum Rage

Alice Cassidy, Rachel Roberts and Becky Umbers have all worked hard to be where they are today - and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...

May 3 to May 4 2019

Boo Dwyer & Tash York // Petty B*tches

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning comedy cabaret bitches, Dwyer & York have combined forces to address the very specific, small and somewhat meaningless issues that make us petty, but better than the rest.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Brynley Stent & Eli Matthewson // Exes

It’s been a decade since the real-life break-up of Brynley Stent and Eli Matthewson but they're reuniting, and they promise they’re going to work together in a mature and respectful way.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Fern Brady // Power and Chaos

With her dry wit and caustic charm, Scottish stand-up Fern Brady has built her name on incisive commentary and close-to-the-bone comedy.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Guy Williams // Full Head of Steam

Guy Williams is back! Some of you might not have even noticed that he was gone, or even realised that he was here in the first place, that doesn’t matter... he’s back!

May 3 to May 4 2019

Harry Thompson-Cook // Kid Crash City

Harry Thompson-Cook has written Kid Crash City much like Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. Both gripping dramas portraying the futility of youth, full to the brim with tales of love and betrayal, and both written by bonafide LADS who probably received far too much praise in their early childhoods.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Jack Ansett // IN HIS PRIME

Jack Ansett (as seen on 'that KFC ad') is now 21, and has reached his peak in life.

It's only downward from here, and Jack wants you to hear him complain about it.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Jamali Maddix // Vape Lord

Critically acclaimed comedian and host of Viceland's Hate Thy Neighbor, Jamali Maddix is embarking on his first tour to New Zealand.

May 3 to May 4 2019

James Acaster // Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999

In his new show, whimsical master James Acaster reflects on the best year of his life, and the worst year of his life, and does stand-up comedy about them while throwing a strop.


May 3 to May 11 2019

Li’i Alaimoana // SERIOUSLI’I?

After a bit of research, Li'i still has no idea how to become the best comedian he can be. But perhaps the start of success comes from breaking down life's lessons learned along the way.

May 3 to May 4 2019

Nick Gibb // High, Functioning Autistic

Billy T award winner Nick Gibb returns from the UK with a brand new show and a brand new attitude*!

May 3 to May 4 2019

Snort With Friends – Edinburgh Fundraiser

Auckland's favourite comedy improv troupe Snort is back with more delightfully unruly scenes, featuring special international and local guest cameos from across the Festival.

May 3 2019

Ben Hurley & Justine Smith // A Cheeky Half Each

Ben Hurley and Justine Smith have only gone and teamed up for a Comedy Festival show!

May 7 to May 11 2019

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer // Up/Down

7 Days regular and star of What We Do In The Shadows and Wellington ParanormalCGM returns to the NZICF after a three-year hiatus.

May 7 to May 11 2019

Rhiannon McCall // Eat Slay Love

Recently divorced Ponsonby Mum turned lifestyle guru Dr. Rhirhi (Rhiannon McCall) brings her self-help show Eat Slay Love to Auckland to teach you how to lead a happier, healthier life.

May 7 to May 11 2019

Sam Smith // Live In Concert

Comedian Sam Smith returns to the stage with songs, stories and silliness to reclaim the name that was so wrongfully stolen from him.

May 7 to May 11 2019

Two Hearts // The Winery Tour

After two financially damaging years dazzling NZ, AUS & the UK with their loud bangers and world-changing sex jams, Two Hearts have realised the real money is in baby-boomer-friendly winery shows.

May 7 to May 11 2019

Uther Dean // ‘Elevation’

Dissecting millennial life and pop culture with black-hole-dark wit, Uther Dean is the most exciting new comedian in the country. This year he’s going to do an hour of jokes about the song ‘Elevation’ by U2.

May 7 to May 11 2019

Bec Sandys, Brooke West & Audrey Porne // Role Models

What do you get when a bogan hippy from Ashburton, a tattooed dancer from West Auckland and a reformed goth from Invercargill get together? Role Models obviously!

May 8 to May 11 2019

James Malcolm // James Malcolm Is Throwing A Party

When you're as funny, talented and instantly iconic as James Malcolm, there comes a time when you need to stop and pay homage to your inspiration. That's why James is throwing a party to celebrate... himself.

May 8 to May 11 2019

The Big Show 2019

A festival fave - five world-class comedians in one big two-hour show featuring a 'Best of British & Irish' line up.

May 8 to May 18 2019

Spanglish Comedy // Una Noche de Stand Up en Español

Porque ustedes lo pidieron, Spanglish Comedy is back to the New Zealand International Comedy Festival with our stand up show in both English and Spanish! And we are bigger than ever!

May 11 2019

Stand Up For Kids

Stand Up For Kids is a family-friendly, interactive show aimed at 4 – 8 year olds - bring your little heroes along to to this action-packed giggle fest.

May 11 to May 25 2019

BEST COMEDY SHOW ON EARTH – Mother’s Day Special

Get a sneak peak of Comedy Fest’s biggest stars and freshest talent in this fast-paced stand-up showcase that’s guaranteed to have you finding your next fave!

May 12 2019

ConArtists // Austen Found

Put down your cross-stitching & join one of NZ's most experienced improv troupes, ConArtists, directed by Penny Ashton, as they swoon, romp & passionately hold hands in an entirely improvised Austenian Musical.

May 14 to May 18 2019

Corin Healy, Ed Amon & Heta Dawson // My Country

A Māori, a Pākehā and a Pakistani come together; three outwardly diverse comics with paradoxically similar and hilarious perspectives on unity, stereotypes and political correctness.

May 14 to May 18 2019

Eleanor Tiernan // Success Without A Sex Tape

Is Eleanor Tiernan a foolish woman to believe she can succeed without a sex tape?

May 14 to May 18 2019

Frickin Dangerous Bro // Legacy

In one year everything fell apart and it seemed like NZ's all-time greatest sketch group was no more. Until they heard that the NZ International Comedy Festival was happening again in 2019.

May 14 to May 18 2019

Ivan Aristeguieta // The Fourth Floor

"Congratulations! You've made it to The Fourth Floor!"

That's what Venezuelans say when someone turns forty, and this is the year that Ivan needs to get out of the lift and see what all the fuss is about.

May 14 to May 18 2019

Jamaine Ross // The Good Life

Jamaine Ross is back with a brand-new show exploring what it takes to be a good person, and whether he fits the bill or not.

May 14 to May 18 2019

Pax Assadi // Raised By Refugees

Yo, it's yah boy Pax, and I'm taking time off from being a dad to do a brand new hour of comedy for you!

May 14 to May 24 2019

An early morning murder drives Mournmoor into mourning. Will there be more to mourn? Two detectives from the big smoke (Timaru) arrive to solve the mystery in this rural whodunit. What secrets will Mournmoor unmoor...?

May 14 to May 18 2019

Jamie Adam // All Filler No Killer

Jamie is an Auckland based comedian whose intelligent, dark comedy is often funny. 

May 15 to May 18 2019

Paul Douglas // Fire Yarns

Put down your phone, stop communicating in memes and let Paul remind you about the healing qualities of talking sh*t with friends.

May 15 to May 18 2019

Class Comedians Showcase

Come and see Aotearoa’s next generation of comedy stars!  Fresh from their intensive comedian training, these high schoolers are new to the stage but not to the game of comedy!

May 18 2019

Chris Parker // Iconique

Chris Parker is hoping to fool himself that all those wasted hours on the internet watching videos on his phone of the greats (Garland, Streisand, Parton, Lupone...) was all actually in aid of his next thesis, ICONIQUE - the making of an icon.

May 21 2019

Donna Brookbanks // Heroic

PAZZOWIE! What does it take to be a superhero? What is a superhero? Donna Brookbanks is both super and a hero, so is in the best possible position to deliver the answer.

May 21 to May 25 2019

Ed Byrne // Spoiler Alert

No international comedian has headlined more NZ Comedy Festivals than Irishman Ed Byrne, and he is back in 2019 with a brand new show - Spoiler Alert.

May 21 to May 25 2019

James Mustapic // The Blair Witch Projector

James Mustapic is doing away with gimmicks and giving up on the flashy multimedia comedy he is known for in his show this year... or so he thinks!

May 21 to May 25 2019

Liv McKenzie // LIVing The Dream

Liv McKenzie: comedian, feminist, dreamer. Always acting first and thinking never, Liv ran from Christchurch to NYC to chase the American dream: and she's back to tell you about it.

May 21 to May 25 2019

Melanie Bracewell // The Rumors Are True

What rumours? Are there any rumours? All we know is that some people have been saying Melanie Bracewell is one of the fastest-rising stars in New Zealand comedy.

May 21 to May 25 2019

Rhys Nicholson // Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

“Hello there. It's me, Rhys, from comedy. Would you like to come to my comedy concert? Why not, you know? It will be nice. Hooray! Please come.”

May 21 to May 25 2019

Ruby Esther // A Rube Awakening

Ruby Esther is unable to do a lot of things; successfully watercolour, commit to redecorating her room, and sleep.

May 21 to May 25 2019

David Correos // Better Than I Was The Last Time

David is the proper business. Over the last year his shows have pushed then boundaries from Adelaide to Edinburgh and now he's back in New Zealand.

May 22 to May 25 2019

Dialogue Matters

Like your comedy with a side of something more serious? Thought provoking, intimate and hilarious, Dialogue is the Festival’s storytelling show, hosted by Pax Assadi.   

May 22 2019

Joe Daymond, Matthew Fleet & Joshua Jack // There’s Potential Here

Three young comedians take the stage performing 20 minutes each in their Comedy Fest debut.

May 22 to May 25 2019

Steve Hughes // Are You Serious?

Steve Hughes is known the world over for his hard hitting, take no prisoners stand up. With his new show Are You Serious? prepare yourself for an absolutely hilarious look at today's crazy PC politics. 

May 22 to May 25 2019

Raw Comedy Quest 2019

Our guest MC introduces 10+ Grand Finalists who think they have what it takes to win $2500 in prize money, the glory and a future career on the local comedy circuit. 

May 23 2019

Josh Wolf // The New Zealand Debut

For the first time in forever, Josh Wolf is bringing his highly acclaimed comedy to NZ.

May 24 to May 25 2019

Guy Montgomery // I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It

It's hard to believe, but Guy hasn't always been perfect. While most people are gracious & empathetic from birth, this has not been Guy's path.

May 25 2019

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