Auckland Fringe Festival 2018

Auckland Fringe Festival 2018

Welcome to Q Theatre's hand-picked Auckland Fringe Festival 2018 programme.

After knocking the socks off Tāmaki Makarau last summer, Auckland Fringe Festival is back for its first annual outing this February 20th to March 4th. As Auckland's home for independent arts we've trimmed ourselves our very own Fringe, full of the weird, the wonderful and the woke. 

2018's lineup welcomes returning local practitioners and international debuts with a mix of identity-exploring performance, free-wheeling feminism, cardiac cabaret, and cookies!

Ladylike: a Modern Guide to Etiquette

Returning after a sold out NZ International Comedy Festival season, join comedian Louise Beuvink for a masterclass in etiquette and housewifery for the modern age.

Feb 20 to Feb 24 2018

Drowning in Milk

A fringe-y antidote to the mainstream media malady of Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner and (the inexplicably not-incarcerated) Tony Veitch.

Feb 21 to Feb 22 2018

Cool Behaviour

Cool Behaviour is a ludicrously funny two-woman sketch show that examines what it actually means to be ‘cool’. Strap yourselves in for a wild night of entertainment and utter weirdness.

Feb 22 to Feb 24 2018


A groundbreaking physical theatre production exploring a friendship across cultures against the back drop of WWI. Performed in NZSL, English & Serbian. Accessible for deaf and hearing audiences.  

Feb 22 to Feb 24 2018

Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster

You've been called for jury service... but don't worry there'll be really nice biscuits...

Feb 27 to Mar 3 2018

TRIAGE! A Nursing Cabaret

Ever used an IV pole as a stand in microphone while belting Beyoncé in the ICU? Welcome to TRIAGE! Exploring the world of in your face hospital medicine as seen through the eyes of Zuleika Khan, Div 1 Registered Nurse and Australian starlet.

Feb 27 to Mar 3 2018

Question Time Blues

How would you feel after nearly nine years in Parliament? This satirical and outrageous performance by Catherine Delahunty, ex-Green Party MP, exposes the truly bizarre underbelly of politics via poetry and bad gossip.

Mar 1 to Mar 3 2018


Arriving in China, Amanda is determined to shake her status as a ‘cultural orphan’. But the roots here are tangled in many secrets - where and who is truly home soil


Mar 1 to Mar 3 2018

The Rude Awakening. Sex, Shame & Liberation

An arousing, amusing, anecdotal romp through life, love & libido. Highlighting the absurdity of human behaviour through conception, chemistry & the quest for connection.

Mar 1 to Mar 3 2018

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