Doc Edge Festival 2018

The power and presence that belongs to the genre that is the documentary film returns to NZ for the 13th Documentary Edge International Film Festival (Doc Edge) The festival which programmes over 50 stunning films and attracts a bevy of international filmmakers to our shores, opens at Auckland’s Q Theatre from 23rd May – 4th June.

In addition to an extensive film programme, the festival season presents a spectacular Opening Night Gala and Films Awards; the highly popular and engaging Doc Talks series; Screen Edge Forum – featuring master classes with world-leading doco film-makers and specialists and the impressive Docs 4 Schools programme.

Truly diverse, Doc Edge’s 2018 selection of films showcases docos from all over the globe, covering everything from pop culture to politics to our very own Pacific With something programmed for all tastes join Doc Edge and indulge yourself in the passion of documentary that is Life-unscripted.

The festival team will be at the Doc Edge Hub during the festival to answer your queries and look forward to meeting you during the most exciting Doc Edge International Film Festival to date.

Happy Doc Edge 2018.

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It’s unprecedented that a film festival would care so much about us, as filmmakers.
Hollie Fifer, Director, The Opposition

This is the best experience I had so far. Not just because the festival is super organised. people are really friendly; the films are great. The only thing I could think better now is to already have an idea how to come back.
Yonatan Nir, Director, My Hero Brother

The event that you put together and the passion that you put into it, it feels like family, it is always a pleasure to be back. Alexandre Phillipe, Director, 78/52

Doc Edge Festival Opening Night - Anote’s Ark

Doc Edge Festival 2018 Opening Night Gala & Awards

May 23 2018


Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds, and Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Trees, create a festival to encourage the Mormon church to change its attitude to the LGBTQIA+ community.

May 24 to May 26 2018

David Ben-Gurion, 82, lives in the desert. Being removed from all political discourse allows him a perspective on the Zionist enterprise. His clear voice provides a surprising vision for the future of Israel.

May 24 to May 27 2018

I Am Another You

As immigrant Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang delves into the world of charismatic American drifter Dylan Olsen, she discovers something that calls her entire worldview into question.

May 24 to Jun 1 2018

Insha’Allah Democracy

Mo Naqvi will vote during Pakistan's elections. But he has a tough choice — a religious hardliner, or a secular liberal leader who happens to be a former military dictator?

May 24 to Jun 3 2018


Unique access and never before heard testimonies tell of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history — an intimate story of community resilience.

May 24 2018

Raghu Rai – An Unframed Portrait

When Avani Rai accompanies her father, famous Indian photographer Raghu Rai, on a trip to Kashmir, the camera becomes a source of connection and friction.

May 24 to Jun 1 2018

The Rape of Recy Taylor

70 years after Recy Taylor, a Black American woman, was raped by six white men, the state of Alabama issued an apology for not prosecuting her attackers.

May 24 to Jun 3 2018

A Cambodian Spring

An intimate, visceral portrait of two young mothers and a "multi-media" monk caught up in the chaotic wave of land-rights protests that led to the 2013 Cambodian Spring and the tragic events that followed.

May 25 to Jun 3 2018

A Murder In Mansfield

In 1990, the testimony of 12-year-old Collier Landry sealed his father’s fate when a jury convicted the doctor of murdering his mother. 25 years later, Collier seeks a confession from his father…

May 25 to May 28 2018

Point of No Return

Soaring at 28,000 feet without a drop of fuel, nothing is predictable. Certainly not the fate of a man, alone for five days in a fragile, first-of-its-kind solar-powered aircraft.

May 25 to May 27 2018

Postcards From India

Crossing paths with fellow musicians, spiritual seekers and street kids, reggae-loving busker “Miserable Man” observes contrasts in Indian society – contemporary and traditional, East and West, ethics and aesthetics.

May 25 to May 27 2018

Symphony on Skis

Two sisters on a ski tour follow the tracks of their late father across the glaciers of New Zealand.

May 25 to Jun 2 2018

The Gospel According to Andre

André Leon Talley has been a fixture in the world of fashion for so long that it’s difficult to imagine a time when he wasn’t defining the boundaries of great style.

May 25 to May 28 2018

The Invisible Heart

An unusual cast of characters attempts to tackle everything from academic failure to homelessness and crime.

May 25 to May 26 2018

Time Trial

Now drug free, road racing cyclist David Millar wants one last shot at the Tour de France. How far will his will to win take him?

May 25 to Jun 3 2018

Far From the Tree

An inspiring look at the difficulties and rewards of both raising and being a child whose life is vastly different from that of their parents.

May 26 to Jun 2 2018

Hope Road

Sudanese refugee Zac has a passion to build a school in his former homeland. But when his relationship crumbles, he needs all his resources to keep his dream alive.

May 26 to May 27 2018

Hot to Trot

For four same-sex dancers from the USA, Russia, Costa Rica and New Zealand, dance is a form of personal power and political engagement.

May 26 to May 28 2018

Leitis In Waiting

An intrepid group of transgender women take on a rising tide of religious fundamentalism in their South Pacific kingdom.

May 26 to May 27 2018


Five modern-day sirens dive deep into theme parks, conventions, tail-making studios and the ocean, aiming to escape reality and transform themselves into mermaids.

May 26 to May 27 2018

The Long Season

School classes, a wedding day celebration and family battles combine to offer a sense of fragile normality in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley, where refugees attempt to escape ISIS.

May 26 to May 27 2018

Whispering Truth to Power

South Africa’s first female Public Protector builds a case against the country's President, attempting to prove that he is allowing his son's business partners to take over the government for profit.

May 26 to May 27 2018

Genesis 2.0

The secrets and mysteries hidden within nature reveal fundamental differences in views of creation and humankind’s role in it. Past and future, superstition and logic, a hunter and his scientist brother.

May 27 to Jun 2 2018


Controversial Indian Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has spent decades fighting for an end to child labour in India. But it’s dangerous work...

May 27 to May 29 2018


Yi Yeting, a benzene victim-turned-activist, discovers two dozen leukaemia cases among Foxconn workers making Apple products in China. He vows to educate them and their families, empowering them to fight back.

May 28 to Jun 2 2018

People’s Republic of Desire

Two online streamers rise from isolation to fame and fortune in China, but can their new virtual relationships replace real-life human connections?

May 28 to May 30 2018

Recruiting for Jihad

When police seize documentary footage of a famous Norwegian jihadi extremist, filmmakers take their battle for press freedom all the way to the country's Supreme Court.

May 28 to May 30 2018

Shorts 3: DOClicious

A collection of three short films looking at food and its impact on society.

May 28 to May 31 2018

The Russian Job

In this satirical look at a Lada factory, a microcosm of contemporary Russia, people want  revolution  — as long as nothing changes.

May 28 to Jun 1 2018

George Michael: Freedom: The Directors’ Cut

George Michael strove to be one of the most influential recording artists of all time – so why did he then step out of the limelight and turn his back on celebrity?

May 29 to Jun 3 2018

Kim Swims

Kiwi expat Kim Chambers chases her biggest dream: to be the first woman to swim solo through 50 kilometres of freezing, swirling currents and the world’s largest great white sharks.

May 29 to Jun 3 2018

A challenging and emotional journey of young offenders and their teachers as they embark on a landmark programme to stage Shakespeare’s Macbeth in front of their fellow inmates and families.​

May 29 to Jun 2 2018

Rodents of Unusual Size

After decades of hurricanes and oil spills, Louisiana faces a new threat — hordes of monstrous, 10kg swamp rats. But the people who live here are not the type to give up without a fight.

May 29 to Jun 2 2018

Shorts 2: Love Unscripted

A collection of four short films about love and all its intricacies.

May 29 to May 31 2018

The Oslo Diaries

A portrait of diplomacy and of individuals who, fundamentally opposed, nonetheless found common ground and came to regard their counterparts as friends.

May 29 to Jun 3 2018

The Other Side of Everything

A locked door inside a Belgrade apartment has kept one family separated from its past for over 70 years.

May 29 to Jun 2 2018

Bar Talks

Legendary cocktail-maker Charles Schumann perambulates through some of the most fascinating bars in the world, exploring the secrets of bar culture, uncovering the hearts and souls of bars and their chroniclers.

May 30 to Jun 1 2018

Integral Man

He’s a concert-level violinist, calculus professor, philanthropist, and gay rights activist — a modern day renaissance man. His house, like its owner, is unlike anything else.

May 30 to Jun 3 2018

Let's Talk About Sex

Julia’s journey through sexual satisfaction towards a conclusion: life can be better — both in and beyond the bedroom.

May 30 to May 31 2018

Of Fathers and Sons

In a radical Islamist family, Osama (13) and his brother Ayman (12) love, admire and obey their father, but have to let go of their youth... 

May 30 to Jun 2 2018

Shorts 1: No Kidding

A collection of four short films focusing on children around the world and their struggles and triumphs.

May 30 to May 31 2018

Thank You For The Rain

Kisilu Musya documents the roller-coaster ride of flash floods and devastating droughts affecting his Kenyan village, and takes his message to the UN. But is anyone listening?

May 30 to Jun 1 2018

Chauka, Please Tell us the Time

Two journalists examine how the Manus Island detention centre is governed and what locals think about the existence of the camp on their island.

May 31 2018

Dealin’ With The Devil

Phil Davison and alter ego Dr. Marigaux take a deep, often disturbing road — full of blues music, animation and dry humour — through a heartfelt human tragedy to a shining gospel redemption.

May 31 to Jun 1 2018

Edible Paradise | Growing the Food Forest Revolution

The dream of greening post-quake Canterbury, by saving heritage fruit and nut varieties from the bulldozers, and ensuring genetic diversity, medical benefits and historic links are available to future generations.

Jun 1 to Jun 3 2018

Anote’s Ark

Anote Tong, endearing President of Kiribati, advocates in international forums and investigates building underwater cities. Meanwhile, Sermary must decide whether to uproot her family and migrate to safety in New Zealand.

Jun 2 2018

Shorts 4: The Launchpad

A collection of four short films made by up-and-coming tertiary student filmmakers in New Zealand, about New Zealand

Jun 2 2018

Shorts 5: ARTearoa

A collection of four local short films focusing on some of New Zealand's greatest artists

Jun 3 2018


Steven Spielberg opens up about his bittersweet childhood and lifelong obsession with filmmaking, covering precocious early TV work, blockbusters, more serious dramatic films, and the relationships he’s cultivated during his career.

Jun 3 2018

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