MATCHBOX 2018 Season

Q Theatre’s MATCHBOX 2018 Season 

It's 2018. 2018, and our MATCHBOX 2018 Season is an absolute banger.

Featuring some of Aotearoa’s most innovative theatre-makers, Q Theatre’s MATCHBOX 2018 Season celebrates those gritty edges and dark corners of the human experience we like to pretend aren’t there but sit hiding in plain sight. Those awkward and hard hard-to-finish conversations you leave without quite knowing where you stand. Those moments when your own experience makes it hard to empathise with that of the person sitting next to you. The crazy bejewelled pink elephants in the room. You know what we mean. 

Theatre has an amazing ability to make the world reflect on itself and 2018 is no exception.

It is no longer good enough to sit back, it’s no longer good enough to turn a blind eye and it’s no longer good enough to say “It’s not my fight”.  Whether they be due to race, gender, sexuality, identity, mental health, physical health, socioeconomic standing or any other cross-sectional set of circumstance, we all face complex struggles on a daily basis. Even if these struggles don’t touch you directly, they all affect all of us.

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From outer space to those bad jokes you make at funerals, Yorick! sends our reality into hilarious, moonwalking disarray and leaves us with the only certainty - our end is nigh!​

Jun 12 to Jun 23 2018

Burn Her // Smoke Labours Production // Q Theatre MATCHBOX 2018 Season

It’s election night and the small left-leaning Aroha Party led by Aria Robson manages to clinch one seat in Parliament. As deals are made, a crisis looms and Aria must decide what or who she is willing to sacrifice for her ambitions.

Aug 2 to Aug 18 2018

Orientation // MATCHBOX 2018

We’re stripping Asianess naked as Chinese-Kiwi Mei begins her quest to root herself back to her roots. Gird your loins as we go deep into how race, sex and love collide in New Zealand.

Sep 5 to Sep 15 2018

Medusa // MATCHBOX 2018 Season

With a head of poisonous snakes and a murderous gaze, Medusa has come to epitomise female monstrosity. Caravaggio painted her. Shakespeare wrote about her. Freud had a bloody field day.

Oct 24 to Nov 3 2018

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