SILO 2018

SILO 2018

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Silo Theatre’s 2018 season is all about work that celebrates the destruction of ideals and systems that no longer serve us. It’s one that examines the ways in which the person is political. They range from a fearless new gaze on contemporary desire to going behind the walls of a New Zealand Correctional Facility to a post-apocalyptic world where The Simpsons form our contemporary mythology.

This is theatre that flips the script on the status quo. It tears everything down, examines the rubble, and asks: what next?

Join us to look at the world from another perspective. Read more about the season here.

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Body Double

Exploring sex and desire in the digital age, Body Double takes a sledgehammer to old ideas and calls for a rewrite of the scripts we’ve been taught.

Mar 20 to Mar 29 2018


A group of inmates come face to face with a whole new nightmare: Shakespeare classes. Directed by Silo Associate Artist Jason Te KareCellfish is a  deliciously dark comedy with a thrilling twist.

Jun 13 to Jun 24 2018


Four Māori men get together to kōrero tene about their first-hand encounters with the police.

Jun 14 2018

Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

A post-apocalyptic world. A campfire. The Simpsons.

Anne Washburn’s glittering dark comedy watches the world as we know it crumble into an uncertain future and asks: What now?

Sep 13 to Sep 29 2018

Here Lies Love

Inspired by the meteoric rise and fall of Imelda Marcos, Here Lies Love gathers the fiercest disco divas for an unmissable concert of unchecked desire, art pop and disco balls.

Nov 22 to Dec 8 2018

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