“...it's great to see such a quintessential New Zealand story on stage. Definitely a winner.” Lynn Freeman, Capital times.

In 1972, after scoring the winning try in a test match against Wales, All Black’s prop Keith Murdoch gets caught up in a post-match fracas and punches a Welsh security guard. He becomes the first All Black in history to be expelled from the team and is sent back to New Zealand in disgrace, but he never makes it home.

On his way back from Britain Murdoch detours to Australia and disappears into the outback, shunning his friends, family and teammates. And so begins a media frenzy to track him down and get his side of the story.

In the early 1990s, Margot McRae began her own quest to find Murdoch and here she draws on her experiences to tell this fictionalised account of the Murdoch myth and the media’s hunt for the truth.

Landmark Productions’ humorous and lively play draws on the historic rivalry between the All Blacks and British rugby teams and examines the right of privacy and the role of the media in elevating sportsmen to heroes and villains. Join the media in their search for the truth that becomes the making of a legend.

"In the hands of playwright Margot McRae the story takes on the dimensions of an epic quest - a provincial version of the Da Vinci Code with an intrepid reporter obsessed with a mystery that feels like it could supply the answer to everything." Read the full NZ Herald review

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