This show's only cliché is that it’s a guaranteed outrageous and thoroughly stimulating night out with friends... objectively and viscerally.

With its ever evolving and unique take on the Burlesque genre, In Flagrante astounded audiences at this year’s Australian Burlesque Festival in Melbourne. One of the favourite In Flagrante numbers - Horses Burlesque is headed to Germany this August.

Billed The Venus Season,In Flagrante features a new work that pays homage to Botticelli’s Venus On The Half Shell while deconstructing it to Nick Cave’s driven and deeply sexual track Water’s Edge

Hugely popular at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, In Flagrante has been a cultural hit in its mother country NZ and continues to outrage, shock and thoroughly turn on audiences everywhere it goes.

Table seating - 3 nights only so best to book early.  

Get your evening set by pre-ordering decadent platters & drinks ready for your arrival!

“Sexy, sophisticated, knives out choreography with killer designs" (William Glenn – Fringe Review UK)

Contains partial nudity. Recommended ages 18+