Fidget Collective presents The Fondness of Fools.

An Improvisation featuring Kristian LarsenClaire O’NeilVicky ‘Forest’ Kapo, Chris O’Connor Stéphane Hisler.

"We perform the formless in sound and in dance. We explore movement and collaboration without creative boundary, without protection and without self-importance. We improvise to a disinterested crowd like background jazz musicians. We are sonically rude, noisey, quiet and haunting. We move like Steve Paxton and Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker doing a pantomime on ice. Like Min Tanaka doing porn. Like Paula Abdul performing a walking solo in a field. Like C3P0 and R2D2 marking a Hofesh Schecter phrase. Like William Forsythe reading the 6 o’clock news on telly" 

Kristian Larsen

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