Three hapless homosexuals - Gnoagh, Dayj and Tucker - have been selected for humanity’s next great mission - probing Uranus. What these cosmonauts lack in competence they more than make up for with camp-factor! With the help of their emotionless SexBot (named SexBot), these crew dodge asteroids (not in the eye!), initiate intimate encounters with aliens, suffer cabin fever worse than disco fever and still come out singing (and dancing)!

The universe, however, has some harsh homosexual lessons for these Gays in Space

From the brains behind 2016s hit STD-inspired comedy musical, Infectious, comes a ridiculously camp comedy about friendships, hardships and deep space. Starring Chris Parker (Hudson and Halls), Blaise Clotworthy (Pleasuredome) and Thomas Sainsbury (Paula Bennet’s nemesis) with music by Jason Smith (Ash Versus Evil Dead).