The road to royalty has been paved but not everyone has a seat at the banquet.
We’ve prepared the course and now it’s time to serve!
The fa'afafine of the Queendom bring you a unique experience of the collision between ancient and urban Polynesians worlds.

FINE FATALE returns to the stage and features an eclectic league
of Aotearoa’s finest, whilst introducing a unique flavour of Pacific Dance-Theatre.
Their elusive style combines Pacific motifs & Street (Hip-Hop) finesse, marking FINE FATALE as key holders to the Queendom!

...the affirmative attack in their movement, and the predatory sassy catwalk sashays smashed quite a few conventional boundaries.  Theatreview a powerhouse of emotion, humanity, religious and social politics, and Samoan tradition choreographed with verve and performed with physicality and soul.  GayNZ