Presented by The Dust Palace in collaboration with Q Theatre

Captivating circus artistry meets candid cabaret as Human takes you on a visceral voyage behind-the-scenes of a late-night show and into the lives of the performers.

Human is a celebration of our strength, weirdness, mortality and masks, which erases expectations and offers a cheeky look at the wonders of being human.

Cabaret luminary Shane Cortese treats audiences with his vocal flair and bold personality, alongside a cast of ten elite circus performers taking to the air. International award-winning concert pianist, Flavio Villani, completes the striking ensemble.

This eclectic cast invites you into a night of desire, disenchantment and champagne-fuelled revelry.

Human kickstarts a drive to fund a new The Dust Palace circus hub to be opened in 2019. The fitted-for-purpose training and production venue will give kids, the community and artists a collaborative space to build their physical and creative skills. Audiences will be investing in the arts and helping grow the wild and wonderful world of circus performance through ticket sales to Human, donations and patronage.

A leader in the New Zealand circus arts scene, The Dust Palace is renowned for adventurous, breath-taking and seductive shows including Ithaca, Venus Is..., The Goblin Market, and the celebrated APO collaboration Midnight.

PLEASE NOTE // Contains loud noises, haze and pyrotechnics 

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A ridiculous amount of fun to be had and top-notch talent displayed
 - Megan Smith, Theatreview

Surprising, funny and engaging... [with] jaw-dropping physical stunts
- Heather McCracken, Hawkes Bay Today