Isabel Rivera Cuenca presents Love Life and…

Flamenco Dancer Isabel Rivera Cuenca’s fiery onstage presence has developed a strong following in New Zealand. This time she has new lineup of flamenco friends, and a brand new show.

Love, Life and… is an elegant journey of traditional Flamenco styles, in an intimate and expressive performance. Isabel inspires The Flamenco Project team to express their interpretation of love and life through dance, songs, and Flamenco guitar

Spanish Flamenco’s fiery rhythms hark back to Spain’s ancient past, a blend of Gypsy, Jewish, Arabic and Christian influences. Born in Barcelona, Isabel was raised on Flamenco almost from birth and was up dancing at four years old

Today, her onstage charisma reaches audiences across Spain, Mexico and South America, Without a doubt, her dazzling technique is a factor, but she is always amazed by the enthusiasm in New Zealand, the farthest country from Spain.

This dancer from an old country believes the Kiwi love of her art stems from the fact that our nation is refreshingly young and hungry for knowledge; there are no barriers here. “Anything and everything is possible,” she says, "and I love that."

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