You've been called for jury service... but don't worry there'll be really nice biscuits...

Really serious playmaker, John Burrows, turns the theatre into a really serious courtroom for a really serious trial, presided by a really serious judge. With very little risk for this biscuit, join us and determine, "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Mix one part whodunnit, one part courtroom drama, together with a handful of agile actors. Spread over a comedy biscuit base and then turn it on it’s head! Throw in a special guest for good measure and put into the theatre with an audience jury of about 120. This is the recipe for Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster, an interactive comedy trial where you set the verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty. 

However the cookie crumbles, it's bound to leave a great taste in your mouth!

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Part of Auckland Fringe 2018 at Q Theatre

Special Guest Plaintiffs:

  • Tue 27/01 - Eli Matthewson 
  • Wed 28/02 - Kura Forrester
  • Thu 01/03 - Nic Sampson
  • Fri 02/03 - James Roque
  • Sat 03/03 - Michael Hurst

Which Cameo Creme do you want to see?

Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster is sponsored by Kea Cookies and presented with support from Unitec - Department of Performing and Screen Arts