Snort, the late-night improv phenomenon has joined forces with Karma Cola to bring you four nights of improvised comedy.

That's right - the same folks who brought the sell-out night of Ginger Snort to Q this year are back.

The cast of Snort uses audience inspiration to create riotous stories and scenes using nothing but their own brains! 

Each show will feature improvised monologues from special guests including the legendary Heath Franklin (Chopper), Guy Williams, Jono & Ben, Jacinda Ardern, Oscar Kightley, Vaughan Smith and more.

Still not sure? Check out the cast of Snort: an absolute voltron of Auckland’s hottest young comic talent including Rose Matafeo, Guy Montgomery, Hamish Parkinson, Joseph Moore, Laura Daniel, Chris Parker, Tom Sainsbury, Eddy Dever, Brynley Stent, Alice Snedden, Eli Matthewson, Nic Sampson & Donna Brookbanks!

All proceeds are sending the massive Snort team to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016. 

It’s playful yet pointed, ruthlessly clever but never cruel, and creates the delightful sensation that you’ve slipped and fallen deep into the hive mind of Auckland’s best comedic talent.”  (The Pantograph Punch)

Karma Snort - You get back what you give

PLEASE NOTE: Occasional strong language may be used.