A fresh, Kiwi perspective on LGBT lifestyles is on show in the LEGACY PROJECT. Written and directed by some of Auckland’s finest emerging artists come six brand new plays exploring the modern Kiwi queer experience.

Stories of love and lust, of family and friendship, of the search for connection and what it really means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender today. Heart-warming personal stories to inspire, to make you laugh and share in the experience of being part of the Kiwi queer community.

From the numerous submissions received, the following six plays were selected for their development potential and carefully curated into this showcase of fresh Kiwi work. We all have a role to play in passing along our legacy to the next generation and these are the stories we want to share with you.

These are our stories, this is our Legacy.

Act Of Submission. Written by Nathan Joe and directed by Joanna Craig.
Blindfolds, bondage and ball gags. What could possibly go wrong?

A Lovestory. Written by Todd Waters and directed by Jesse Hilford.
Two people, once in love, have grown apart. But is there anything left between them?

Negative Space. Written by Cole Meyers and directed by Luke Thornborough.
When truth lights up the darkness, will the silence at last be heard?

One More Day. Written by Jordan Keyzer and directed by Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho
Coming out of the closet can be a leap, a stumble, or a fall.

Queer Support. Written by Joni Nelson and directed by Lisa Fothergill.
It's an honored safe haven of our diverse community… If you're a cute gay guy, a gold star lesbian, or you know what boxes to tick.

Top And Tail. Written by Bruce Brown and directed by Sarah Jansen.
Can old friends reconnect with their heads at polar opposites of the same bed?