Explore history and witness the creation of life in this powerful double bill by Thomas Fonua (Australian Dance Theatre) and Vivian Hosking-Aue (Short & Sweet Dance Supreme winner 2014)

Malaga is a dynamic new work choreographed by Thomas Fonua and featuring performers from Australian Dance Theatre. Tracing back to the 19th century when Samoan men, women and children toured Germany as part of "human zoos" or 'Volkershau". This excerpt draws from themes such as exhibition, captivity and exoticism. Exploring our history and identifying habits we have in the present, placing our culture up for sale.

Vivian Hosking Aue’s 'E V E' alchemises the formation of a new and complete human through electric urban Pacific contemporary dance. We think and create as a voice. We instruct the ‘E V E’ gang to construct. We are dumb but realize the realities and elements of what we build.
‘E V E’ weaves through us, bullying the concepts for a whole new powerful human form to come to life.