The hugely successful Mana Wahine  which premiered at Q in 2014, returns to our stage.

"My advice: If you love dance, have never seen dance, or even possibly hate dance you really owe it to yourself to buy a ticket to this show. All involved are geniuses. This show really is incredibly awesome. ‘Nuff said. Go see the show." (Sharu Delikan,

Taiaroa Royal, Malia Johnston and Taane Mete come together to create a powerful collage of imagery and movement that transcends time and space.

Mana Wahine is an all-female work by Okareka Dance Company that draws strength from traditional Maori culture to illustrate a tapestry of dance, theatre and film. 

Inspired by the true story of Te Aokapurangi, a young maiden from Mokoia Island who single-handedly saved her people from slaughter, this collage of imagery and movement transcends time and space.

From the stunning opening to the spine-tingling finale, be inspired by this display of courage, determination and fearlessness as Mana Wahine evokes the spiritual status of “the woman” within us all.

“Okareka Dance Company has hit the jackpot with this exploration of the strength, the spirit, the wiles and primal beauty of woman, specifically Maori woman. Five extreme dancers, three choreographers at the top of their game, a totally in-tune composer, exquisite lighting and audio visual design and a wealth of cultural wisdom come together in one of the best contemporary dance performances we have seen in years” (NZ Herald, 2014)

Please Note: Contains haze