ISBIM & Q Theatre present MC Meta Meets New Zealand in collaboration with Splice

The significance of MC Meta’s place in the Korean hip hop scene is almost impossible to explain in words. Meta begun his career in ‘96, when the Korean hip hop movement started to flourish and has been at the centre of the underground music scene ever since. His first compilation album Blex Vol. 1 was released at the end of ‘97 when he also joined Club MasterPlan (Club MP), known at the time as the ‘mecca of Korean underground hip hop’.

Since then, MC Meta has formed Garion releasing countless records and solidifying himself as one of the most respected musicians in the nation.

MC Meta has teamed up with Q Theatre & Splice to introduce himself to a brand new audience and uncharted territory. He’s bringing the hype of the Korean hip hop scene with collaborations from local acts Pax Assadi and DJ Seymore.  

This show will be unlike anything you’ve seen before, so make sure you’re there when MC META MEETS NEW ZEALAND.


Have a listen to MC Meta right now! 



Please note // This event is General Admission with a mixture of standing and seated options.