A fundraising event presented by Michael King Writers' Centre takes a critical look at what's happening with copyright in the age of the internet.

Featuring Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur - or pirate, depending on your perspective – Listener columnist and blogger Toby Manhire, Metro editor Simon Wilson, Dunedin crime writer Vanda Symon (who is on the board of Copyright Licensing NZ), award-winning comedian Jeremy Elwood, writer, commentator and internet adventurer David Slack. The chairman will be television and radio presenter Wallace Chapman with author Charlotte Grimshaw introducing the event.

How do writers and creative people keep the rights to their work in the digital age? Or get paid? What happens to the publishing industry? Will the internet be the end of copyright?

This will be an entertaining debate on a serious topic: copyright and intellectual property may be the biggest economic issue in the 21st century, being played out at all levels of society from social media to the highest levels of government.

The moot will be: That the internet killed the copyright star.

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