2017 Matchbox Season Announced

Q is proud to announce our sixth annual MATCHBOX season with three very unique and adventurous theatre works presented by some of our hottest kiwi creatives. Diverse in their storytelling and ideas, these three pieces offer a fresh and imaginative perspective into New Zealand life from 12 July – 16 September.


“The companies selected for MATCHBOX 2017 have grabbed our attention with their exciting, boundary-pushing approach. This year’s programme has been handpicked from eighteen national submissions, offering a platform for these awesome artists to thrive and for audiences to experience cutting-edge local talent. With the 2017 season, we are showcasing not just Auckland work, but voices from across New Zealand - touching on sometimes unexplored areas of life.”James Wilson, Q Theatre CEO.

Dunedin, 1998. High summer in a town where there wasn’t a lot to do. A comedy about death, revolution, unfulfilled love, and a possum.
First up from 12-22 July, My Best Dead Friend is a powerful autobiographical cross between stand-up comedy, storytelling and theatre, written and performed by Wellingtonian Anya Tate-Manning, and directed by Isobel MacKinnon. With a soundtrack featuring everything from The Verlaines to The Backstreet Boys, this gutsy Perth Fringe World favourite takes audiences on a journey of heart-warming friendship and heart-breaking grief. Recently Tate-Manning has been delighting audiences with her hilarious performance in Silo Theatre’s stage hit Hudson and Halls Live! – winner of Best Supporting Actress at the Wellington Theatre Awards (2016).

Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Thoughts race. Pupils dilate. Palms sweat. Balance reels. Lips burn.
Revel-makers and boundary-pushers, Fractious Tash then bring the NZ premiere of The Effect to the stage from 1 - 12 August. A love story amidst a clinical drug trial, written by Lucy Prebble - one of the UK’s most exciting playwrights - is transformed by Benjamin Henson’s off-kilter vision and unstoppable cast. This psychological and absorbing drama examines love, depression and the limitations of neuroscience. Known for their hit seasons of Earnest, Not Psycho and Titus, this year Fractious Tash bring you a play that is Romeo & Juliet on MDMA.

What is Chinese? What is being Chinese? What is not Chinese?
Wrapping up the season is a contemporary exploration of the New Zealand Chinese identity. OTHER (chinese) sees writer and director, Alice Canton, bringing in up to 100 actors and non-actors from various different Chinese communities to create her illuminating work, from 6 – 16 September. Navigating cultural identity Canton challenges the many forms of mis-representation and discrimination that exists around Chinese identity. Alice Canton has been making waves with her fiercely intelligent and political works, which include Orangutan and this show’s predecessor; WHITE/OTHER. NZ Herald have called her work “surreal, open, surprising” – she is definitely one to watch!

2017 is the first year that Q is offering audiences the ability to purchase a subscription pass to the entire MATCHBOX programme. “As the programme has grown over the years we have attracted a loyal audience who are keen to experience all aspects of the season and the diversity it offers. We are delighted to be able to present our new subscription packages for audiences wanting to attend all three shows this year.” says Q Theatre’s Communications Manager, Candice de Villiers.

Subscription packages are available to purchase from Q Theatre from Friday 2 June and tickets for the individual shows will become available in the coming weeks.

Season Tickets

$78 for a subscription pass to all three shows in the 2017 MATCHBOX Season
For more information and to book visit 
(booking fees may apply)

My Best Dead Friend
Wed 12th – Sat 22nd July, 7.30pm
Presented by Zanetti Productions

The Effect
Tue 1st – Sat 22th August, 7.30pm
Presented by Fractious Tash

OTHER (chinese)
Wed 6th – Sat 16th September, 7pm
Presented by White_mess


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