Artist Pass // In Flagrante

Since 2011 MaryJane O'Reilly's celebrated neo-burlesque show In Flagrante has performed to over 40,000 people around the world to rave reviews and heated denouncements. This November it is back at Q and steaming up Vault.

Dancer Maria Munkowits and co-creator / costume designer Phil O'Reilly have been involved in the production since its inception. They gave us the 411 on this audaciously sassy show... 

How do you describe the show to people who’ve never seen it?

Maria: I would describe it as tongue in cheek burlesque with a sexy satiric edge! But I think people really don't know what to expect until they actually come and see it for themselves.... we have had people come 3 or 4 times and bring friends along which is really cool.

Phil: We used to say In Flagrante is coming... and we’re not faking it. This sort of gets to its provocative essence.

Who do you think this show is for?

Maria: People who want a great night out but something to get them thinking about afterwards - I suppose it's the women that connect with the themes of In Flagrante the most, and its always fantastic to hear their take on the different acts in the show!

Phil: Anybody with a pulse.

What’s the best/most memorable feedback/response you’ve heard for the show?

Maria: That's really hard - I think the most memorable would be the audience members that come up and share their sex life details with you! I guess we make them feel comfortable to talk about it openly which is kind of awesome in a way... not always appropriate but memorable none the less!

Phil: The First night in Edinburgh. A rather nerve racking experience. Being an active audience watcher catching comments outside the show between friends... and this is a tough crowd to please. “Fantastic”, “amazing”... To my personal favourite: “That was pretty good”

In the many outings that In Flagrante has had, have there been any wardrobe malfunctions? Or near-misses with costume hiccups?

Maria: Haha Phil would HATE this question because he gets so nervous about the props and costumes being ok! But yes there certainly has been - the end of a whip flinging into the audience, a wayward horse tail being tossed to the edge of the stage, but the most memorable for me would have to be when I didn't realise I managed to remove my black g string in a fast costume change (I have a flesh one on underneath) and spent the whole of the last number looking completely naked from the waist down... Thank god I didn't realise until the end - ignorance is bliss!

Phil: Yes things can and do fly off - as the costume designer and in most cases costume maker I live in terror of these moments. The dancers always take it in their stride. So to speak.

Anything else you’d like to tell us ahead of the show?

Phil: In Flagrante is the ultimate show to see with friends who have an appetite for an outrageous, challenging, fun... and yes - erotic night out.

See In Flagrante at Q this November. 5 shows only: 12-21 November.

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