Coffee, a tool of life

Coffee is a vital tool to most people’s productivity,  we know it’s key to what fuels Q Theatre and the arts that are created here. Jesse Wikiriwhi, our Visitor Services Manager has been breathing in the coffee grounds for 13 years.

You may have seen on ‘The Café’ on TV3 every morning!

We asked Jesse a few questions...

What kind of coffee do you drink?

I drink a single shot Long Black! I do this so I can drink more coffee throughout the day!

What are your thoughts on the whole Flat White/Latte difference?

The only major difference is volume! Here at Q we pour double shots as standard so you are receiving the exact same amount of espresso! There are very minor differences as to how much ‘foam’ is poured into each but this is very minor!

What is the most difficult coffee you have had to make?

A lady came in recently and wanted a large single shot cappuccino with no chocolate. Not  very difficult I know but then she took off the lid and could see coffee in the cup. She proceeded to tell me that she won’t drink it if she could taste coffee! I was literally gobsmacked and dumbfounded at her statement! How do you make a coffee not taste like coffee without any other added flavouring?!?

How on earth did you come be the Resident Barista on TV3s ‘The Café’?

My boss, Helen Emler was talking to a guy at work who works for Karajoz coffee company. I randomly was chatting with this guy and from that he contacted Helen and said to her that they were keen to have me on the show! It took 4 days from when I contacted the show personally to when we started filming! Now we’re 50 episodes down! How time has flown!

Last question, what do you have coming up in the near future?

I’m currently putting together an event which is called “Meet your Neighbours” or something like that. It is hopefully going to be a monthly gathering of all the people who work in the area. The idea is get to know who works in our neighbourhood and create a great networking opportunity for people as well as creating a sense of community!

Do you work near Q? Are you keen to join the Meet your Neighbours group?

Email Jesse with your details and he'll be in touch with the details:

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