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Comedy Fest Week 3 - Big, Busy and Bloody Funny

We understand this time of year can be a little overwhelming for your average punter so we've put together an easy wee guide to our final week of comedy below.

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Comedy Week three Teaser - Q Theatre

We've already had a blast having Comedy Fest in the building. From a throne made of Best Foods Mayo to international Zoom guests, the worlds first live comedy felting show, Tik Tok stars, surreal circus comedy and much more, we've seen a lot so far. Believe it or not, we still have a week left. We understand this time of year can be a little overwhelming for your average punter, so we've put together an easy wee guide to our final week of comedy below.

With so much good comedy to get stuck into, we'll keep this one short and sharp. Thanks to everyone who's already showed up to support our amazing local comedians so far. It's definitely not too late to make an appearance because we've got a lot in store for the final week of Comedy Fest. It's our biggest and busiest week of comedy, and we want you to be a part of it. Believe it not; we'll be fitting all the below shows into just two spaces over one week. Wish us luck!

Eli Matthewson - Daddy Short Legs Square - Q Theatre

Eli Matthewson // Daddy-Short-Legs
One of New Zealand's best joke writers is back behind the wheel with a brand new hour of stand-up about the huge life-revelations that take place in the shittiest of cars.

Loft | 18 - 22 May | Learn More


The Great Comedy Debate Q Theatre Square

The Great Comedy Debate
Two teams of comedians battle it out to prove their point, their comedic genius and their intellectual superiority. Come prepared for good points, hot takes and wild yarns over the most debatable moot of the moment: Technology will save us!

Rangatira | 18 May | Learn More

James Roque Square - Q Theatre

James Roque // Boy Mestizo: The Return
James Roque’s smash-hit Boy Mestizo is back! A finalist for the Fred Award for Best NZ Show at the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival, Roque brings his hour of 'too real' laughs back to Auckland for two shows only.

Rangatira | 19 May | Learn More


The worst Host of all time - Q Theatre

The Worst Idea of All Time // The Best Host of all Time
Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery host NZ's most successful comedy podcast, The Worst Idea of All Time. Through seven years of sold-out live shows, millions of downloads and an international fan base, one question remains. Who is the better host? 

Rangatira | 20 May | Learn More


Tony Lyall Square - Q Theatre

Tony Lyall // The Champ is Here
With killer stories, great jokes and crowd work to die for, you have to see it to believe it, and once you have seen it, you won't believe it. 

Loft | 20 - 22 May | Learn More


Tom Sainsbury Q Theatre Social

Tom Sainsbury // The Man Behind the Masc
Satirist and occasional TV personality, Tom Sainsbury, is sharing all the goss about the politicians he's met, embarrassing stories from his embarrassing life, and a few pearls of wisdom he's picked up along the way...

Rangatira | 21 - 22 May | Learn More


Guy Montgomery 2021 Square - Q Theatre
Guy Montgomery By Name, Guy Montgomery By Nature

"I am Guy Montgomery, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar." - Guy Montgomery.

Rangatira | 21 - 22 May | Learn More



Emma Wollum - Klingalong Square - Q Theatre
Emma Wollum // Klingalong: The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Singalong

Klingalong is a truly unusual and genre-defying comedy experience that must be seen to be believed.

Loft | 21 - 22 May | Learn More