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How a Quilt Panel Inspired Jason Te Mete's New Show

Over My Dead Body: UNINVITED explores the nameless stigma surrounding the AIDS epidemic in New Zealand. 

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Uninvited Cast Shot Square - Q Theatre

3 ANONYMOUS is the name of a touching panel contributed to the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt in 1992. For many young New Zealanders, the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and 90s is a distant piece of history but 3 ANONYMOUS inspired Jason Te Mete to highlight the epidemic's continuing impact on our country. 

The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt serves as a memorial to those who have died of HIV related illnesses. Each panel of the quilt is lovingly created by loved ones of the passed and celebrates their uniqueness and lasting impact.


Image: 3 ANONYMOUS Quilt Panel

3 ANONYMOUS is one such panel made by a person who desperately wanted to put the three names on the quilt panel but for various reasons was unable to do so. The panel maker said of the people represented, ‘they’re not anonymous but they had to remain so, and what does this say about the status and acceptance of HIV and AIDS in our community?'

Uninvited Cast Shot - Q theatre
The stigma surrounding AIDS in New Zealand is still a prominent struggle felt by many today. This struggle inspired Jason Te Mete to create his latest contribution to the 'Over My Dead Body' series of shows. UNINVITED is provocative, funny, and heartbreakingly moving. It's set during a flat-warming party on the eve of World AIDS Day and when 3 uninvited guests turn up, the party takes a turn for the worst. 

The entire UNINVITED cast, crew and creative team are proud members of the LGBTQi+ community and the show serves as a reminder for those who were around in the 80's, and a lesson for those who weren't. It runs in Loft from 14 - 17 April. Click here to read more and book tickets.

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