Meet Q's Head Chef Krishna

Get to know the man behind our menus at Q ... Head Chef Krishna Kandasamy

Head Chef Krishna has been serving tasty food that fuels you and the arts at Q. With our new winter menu launching next week (from June 1), now’s the time to get to know the man behind the menu...

Why & when did you decide to become a chef?

My family has a background in agriculture. We grow fresh vegetables, grains, sugarcane, plantain tree and rice. At home we cook different foods every day from what we grow in our farm; this is what inspired me to become a chef. My inspirations in the culinary field are Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White.
What is your favourite cuisine…food item to eat? Why?
I love all types of cuisine; I love to cook different countries' cuisines on my day off. My favourite cuisine is Asian, they use many different spices for taste and aroma and lots of fresh vegetables and meat… which is part of what makes their cuisine so popular all around the world.

What is your favourite thing to cook? Why?

Being Indian, I love cooking curry. I grew up eating curry almost every day of my life. There are more than 100 different styles of curry back home in south India. I may be a chef, but I still miss my mom’s favourite chicken curry!

Before starting at Q what were you doing?

I studied in both India and New Zealand and started my career as a chef in India at a 5 start hotel Le Meridien. Later I joined Carnival Cruise Line in USA which gave me the option to travel around the world and try different food. Working on the cruise line I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 3000 guests. It was one of the best times in my life.
I've worked with chefs from different cultural backgrounds who have passed on their knowledge of cuisine and flavours to me. I have worked in San Francisco, Chicago and New York restaurants, learning all about American-style cooking. When I came to New Zealand I had the opportunity to work for Sky City with celebrity chefs and since then have also been lucky enough to work with MKR celebrity chef Gareth Stewart!

What has been your biggest learning experience since beginning your job here at Q?

Working at Q has given a new direction to my career and the opportunity to bring my own creations and love for food to the plate. Q is a place where I am able to experiment and create my own take on classic dishes with a modern style and technique.  I have a great team in the kitchen who support me and have great ideas that we feature every day as our ‘Chefs special’ on the dinner menu.

What was the last meal you cooked at home?

I recently tried Boil Up which is a dish authentic to New Zealand and that’s my partner's favourite. 

What is your ‘food philosophy?’

I believe in “cooking with love and passion, and using local fresh produce”. That is the key to making food tasty and aromatic. Keep the dish simple and clean with lots of vegetables and flavour.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I can eat chicken and fresh vegetables every day but I love variety so try to incorporate different food as often as possible!

Anything else you want to share?

​Yes! Download my favourite Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice and try it out at home. Yum.


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