Nice to Meet Q // Jade Beckhouse

You know what makes Q, Q? The eclectic creatives that run the building. Everyone who gets stuff done at Q - whether it be selling you tickets, making you that much needed coffee, cooking you up a feast, showing you to your seat or rigging the lighting that helps take the show to a whole other level - all of these folks are amazing pros and artists. So take a moment to get to know our team!

Introducing Jade... 

What do you do at Q?
I am one of the Duty Managers and a bar ninja.

Tell us something not many people know about you…
I was a national winning trampolinist which I then took the skills of that to rollerblading and won the NZ nationals for aggressive inline also. Aggressive inline just means "extreme" inline skating, I skate on ramps 12-14ft high and get another 10-12ft of air out of that known as vert ramps like you see at big events like Big Day OUT and X Games.

What’s the best show you’ve seen at Q?
Frank the mind reading hot dog has to be one of my favorites, as for theatre I really enjoyed Rupert and Lysistrata.

If you were a drink, what kind of drink would you be and why?
Most people would say a V. That is what is always in my hands when I rock up to work, it just gives me that extra lil boost of energy so I can provide the best and most friendly service possible.

What’s your getting to work jam?
Nothing I don't think anyone reading this would know. I am also a DJ for big NZ goth/alternative events so music in my car is always different trying to find more tracks that I can work with. ATM I am jamming Obsidian FX and H.EXE I am finding tracks for my next event coming up in November which is the NZ FetishBall (It's a lil bit naughty but an awesome gig to do :) )

Our bar ninjas are awesome, why not pop in and say hi to one? Oh and while you're visiting you could hang out in Citizen Q, our cafe and bar... who knows Jade might serve you up a cocktail!

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