Nice to Meet Q // Sami Vance

You know what makes Q, Q? The eclectic creatives that run the building. Everyone who gets stuff done at Q - whether it be selling you tickets, making you that much needed coffee, cooking you up a feast, showing you to your seat or rigging the lighting that helps take the show to a whole other level - all of these folks are amazing pros and artists. So take a moment to get to know our team!

Introducing Sami... 

What do you do at Q?
I am a venue technician. I basically smile (sometimes through my teeth) and run about in the dark for our clients.

Tell us something not many people know about you…
I'm worried people already know too much. However, my dirtiest darkest secret might be that I was a Mustang Cheerleader in Friendswood, Texas in 2002. I even got a trophy for "Most Pep". There are no surviving photos.

What’s the best show you’ve seen at Q?
Seen? or worked on? Best show I've worked on was probably Titus or Chicago. Both are really fun companies to work with. My favorite show I've seen was probably Book of Everything. It's still sticking out in my mind as a really powerful play.

If you were a drink, what kind of drink would you be and why?
Sweet Ice Tea. So cold. So sweet. So Southern American. Best enjoyed with fried food.

What’s your getting to work jam?
I listen to NPR pretty much exclusively. Ira Glass is the best. But if you have to have a song, a song I do like is "Hell yes" by Beck.

Our venue techs are awesome, why not pop in and say hi to one? (If they aren't all running about in the dark areas that is.) Oh and while you're visiting you could hang out in Citizen Q, our cafe and bar... our venue techs do like to partake in the odd bit of eating and drinking so that'd be a good place for technician spotting.

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