Q Brand Launch

On 4 November 2006, a spectacular, star-studded event organised by Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams of Inside Out Productions marked the unveiling of the name and logo for Auckland's newest theatre.

Actor Michael Hurst says Q is a great name for a theatre. "We can take our cue from it and present fabulous work in this new, flexi-form, purpose built venue. Q for quality, but most of all a simple, striking brand name which trips off the tongue. It has strength and focus and I for one can't wait to present work at Q."

Creatively the Q brand looks set to be interpreted in lots of different and exciting ways by leading designers and artists. At the brand launch urban artists Disruptiv showed their ideas of what the theatre will be in the form of a large billboard for the new theatre's site.

Justin Lewis, co-chair of NTi, the arts industry organisation that has driven the project up to this point, says that Q has been chosen for its simplicity and mobility. "We believe there will be many Q's. This openness to new artistic forces and excellence is a key to understanding the type of creative space the new venue will be. Also, we wanted to help create the buzz and vibrancy of being in central Auckland. Not only do we have the symbol of the action of speech, we love the way Q lends itself to the choices a vibrant city presents - We'll have performances across the performing arts - Q dance, Q music, Q words - and we’ll have food and a bar - Q Bar. "

“As the Watershed Theatre years showed us, people are attracted to creative places. New ideas happen. Places like these become a hub of activity and therefore great destinations. "Q on Queen" was the most natural expression for us, locating us clearly at the cultural heartland of the city,"

Over the past seven years much work has gone on behind the scenes securing support for the new theatre locating the site, creating the business case, infrastructure, industry support and brand plan.

Q is also the catalyst project for the Town Hall Arts Precinct. Councillor Penny Sefuiva, Chair of the City’s Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee, says "I’m delighted to see this next big step being taken on the new theatre project, on which the Council is foundation partner. The name ‘Q’ locates the theatre beautifully and the keyhole door-opening metaphor is ideal. The arts do open the world to new experiences. Q is another great opportunity emerging for Aucklanders to enjoy the heart of their city through the arts."

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