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Q Residency 2022 - Lyncia's Journey

Meet Lyncia Müller and follow her journey through the development of a new multi-disciplinary dance work that recognises and honours the Tongan Queen Sālote Tupou III.

Issue date:
Lyncia Square - Q Theatre

Introductory interview: 


25 April 2022 - Enjoying creating and collaborating in this space

So far it’s been really fun and exciting, especially working with singers I have not worked with before. I love that we all got to share ideas and to talanoa so we could get a better understanding of each other and the work.

Lyncia in loft - Q Theatre

My biggest challenge this week was getting in our third dancer. I only confirmed that I wanted an extra body late last week and most people I have asked have availability issues. 

On the other hand, a big success is incorporating the singers into the piece and not just having them sing from side of stage. It really brings another element to the piece and having all forms working together

Before my next update, I plan to Definitely the back stories of the poems that Queen Sālote wrote. Why she wrote them, what inspired her to write and hearing stories from people who knew her.